Driving TopGear.com Into The 21st Century

The Lovie Awards / May 2016

Lovie Award Winner Brand42's website redesign for TopGear.com delivered a big boost to advertising revenue, and the new site broadened their audience with a refined video hub, deep database of car reviews, and a new 'Big Read' function.

Tasked with the full redesign of TopGear.com to better serve a passionate audience of motorheads,, Bronze Lovie Award Winner Brand42 used agile methods and a unified team approach to make the new, fully-responsive site.

Not only did BBC Worldwide see a boost to their advertising revenue, but the new digital home helped broaden their audience with a new, refined video hub, deep database of car reviews and a 'Big Read' function. With parallax effects on top, the new site successfully delivers for today’s content-hungry users.

In partnership with Google for The Lovie Letters Series, The Lovie Awards team spoke with the team at Brand42 to learn more about this project. Here’s some of what they had to say:

Was there a secret sauce or magic ingredient?

The Stig puppet that we passed around during stand ups every morning.

When did you first know this project was going to be something special?

When we met the Top Gear team and realised that their approach, and their passion for change, fitted perfectly with our vision.

What was the breakthrough that made you realise you’d cracked it?

Right from the offset when our concepts were embraced, and the moment we felt we had struck the perfect balance between inspiration, fact and tone of voice.

We redesigned and developed the biggest digital motoring platform on earth.

Constance Cerf, Creative Copywriter

What was the most difficult decision you had to make on the project?

Whether to test drive the latest Rolls Royce or the new Ferrari… No, in all seriousness, we had to make some design compromises in order to maximise the user experience and there were some tough calls along the way. There is always a fine line between user practicality and aesthetics.

What was the most rewarding part of this project?

Working with the Top Gear team across our studio and the BBC Worldwide offices to ensure a seamless transition from conception to flawless execution.

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