Thinking of Entering the "YouTube Works for Brands" Awards?

Craig Mawdsley / February 2017

Some tips to get your story straight!

It’s exciting to be Chair of Judges for the inaugural YouTube Works, as we get to put some real sales data and rigour behind what has become one of the defining media of our times. If you’re wanting to win, then here are some things to think about:

1. It’s not about the views. For far too long, we have measured our success by how many views we got. But views don’t mean brand and business success. Having lots of views is great, but it’s not what these awards are about. Especially if the views you got were from countries that can’t visit your shop or buy your product.

2. Think like your CFO. The judges are used to reading well argued effectiveness papers and will hold these awards to the same standard of proof. It’s about Return On Investment.

3. Tell a strategy story. Think about the logic of the steps you took in creating your campaign. Why did you make the decisions you made? What were you trying to achieve? The winning papers will tell a compelling story of strategy, not a tale of tactics.

4. Know the difference between efficiency and effectiveness. When it comes to YouTube, some people like to talk about ‘earned media value', however claiming that you didn't need to spend as much money on media - efficiency - is not the same as effectiveness. Effectiveness is about delivering business outcomes. That’s what we want to hear about.

5. It’s not all about YouTube. YouTube is a team player and happy to be so. In some of the cases, YouTube will be Tom Brady. In others, YouTube will be one of those guys sat on the bleachers with black smears under their eyes and their helmet on their lap, whose name you only know if you live in Boston. To win, your case will need to define the particular role that YouTube played.

We want you to win and we’re excited to read the stories you’re going to tell. Best of luck.

Entries for 2017 have now closed. For more information and future YouTube Works for Brands awards, visit here.

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