How online video empowers people to take action

May 2019

How online video empowers people to take action
Online video has long been seen as a tool to build brand awareness. But after looking at video trends on YouTube and speaking to thousands of people around the world about why, how, and when they watch online videos, it's clear that consumers use video at every stage of their journey. Marketers, take note.
More than half of shoppers say online video has helped them decide which specific brand or product to buy.1
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People watch online video to learn new skills and pursue passions.
Online video is about more than viral content. Often people watch for learning and self‑improvement.
I learned how to bartend through YouTube. I watched a 2-hour video, told my manager, and now I’ve been doing it for a year with the company.
— Jenny, 25 - Toronto, Canada
When content is relatable, it motivates people to go from watching to doing.
Whether it’s to learn a new skill or get a product review, people want to see real experiences online — mistakes included. Authentic content makes learning or buying less intimidating and gives people the confidence they need to take action.
3 in 4viewers say it’s important that YouTube feature people who are genuine, authentic, or relatable.3

Videos can jump-start action and sometimes purchases too.
Once people feel like they’ve learned enough online, they’re motivated to get started in real life. And that’s when “can do” turns into “must buy.”
After watching a YouTube video, I feel pumped; I’m ready to bake; I want to go out and buy everything I need and get going.
— Irina, 33 - NYC, U.S.
Though people might not watch a video with the intention of buying, they’re open to discovery.
As people watch videos to learn, they’re open to brands and products that help them reach their goals. Inspired by the potential of something new, this often sparks further research.
>90%of people say they discover new brands or products on YouTube.5
Video empowers people at every stage of their journey — even at the point of purchase.
People turn to online video to learn how to walk the walk, find specific products or brands, and even replace the traditional shopping list.
>55%of shoppers say they used online video while actually shopping in a store.7
3 ways to ensure your online video strategy incites action
No matter where people are in their journey, be sure your brand is there to meet them with helpful and inspiring video ads and content.
Help people discover new products, brands, and ideas — even when they aren’t necessarily intending to buy in that moment.
Position your brand as a helpful expert, and answer people’s most common questions.
Enable people to take action — and even purchase — with a seamless, immediate experience.