How Pepsi Max's 'Unbelievable' YouTube channel helped increase market share

November 2014

Aiming to grow its market share among 18 to 34-year-olds, Pepsi Max understood that social media and digital devices were an integral part of the everyday lives of this target audience. Pepsi Max launched a branded YouTube channel to serve as a hub for its 'Unbelievable' campaign and partnered with YouTube content creators and filmmakers to create 'Unbelievable' pieces of video. Thanks to a combination of paid and earned media, the eye-catching content has received over 50 million views and growing.


Partnered with YouTube creators, filmmakers and directors to create 'Unbelievable' content

Launched a YouTube brand channel as the campaign hub

Promoted content with paid, owned and earned media


Reach and engage target audience of consumers aged 18 to 34

Create original and 'Unbelievable' content to act as social currency

Increase flexibility and speed to publish with lower costs of production


Expanded Pepsi Max market share

Increased channel subscribers from 4,000 to over 66,000

Content has achieved over 50 million views

Building a brand in an age of hyper-targeted messaging