Nectar’s mattress sales rise and shine, with help from YouTube

May 2019

Everyone knows what a bad night’s sleep feels like, yet persuading people to invest in a new mattress can be a tough ask for any marketer. So when Nectar set out to grow their mattress sales, they knew their audience would need a wake up call.

With a third of Americans not getting enough shuteye, there’s also plenty of sleep-related content on YouTube – from mattress reviews and sleep music, to expert advice from sleep consultants.

In fact, people’s obsession with not getting enough sleep became the key insight that would later underpin the entire campaign, and open consumers’ eyes to what the product had to offer.

Watch the video case below to find out how Nectar cracked the creative brief using performance best practices and extensive campaign testing to achieve optimisation, and also collected the #1 ad-that-drives-action award in the YouTube Webby's competition of 2018.

“For us, video creative has been the most significant driver of ad effectiveness, and has been imperative to our success. By working with the best creative teams and following YouTube best practices, we’ve been able to reach – and convert – more of our target audience than ever.”

– Gil Efrati, CMO, Nectar

Nectar’s mattress sales rise and shine, with help from YouTube

What 3 key insights should you take from this campaign?

1. First, video can deliver performance for your bottom line

For performance-focused advertisers, video helps you reach valuable new audiences and drive metrics important to your bottom line.

Nectar’s success was reflected in 4x increase in organic search queries and this resulted in always-on campaigns.

2. Second, like in any great campaign, creative is critical

We know creative matters and has a huge part in driving the campaign ROI, regardless of the product you're selling. The key is to find an angle that appeals to your audience and reach them in effective ways in order to succeed. Nectar were able to appeal directly to what they knew their potential audience would care about (i.e. a good night's sleep) and then delivered the creative with platform best practices in mind.

3. Last (but not least), you should strive for campaign optimisation through testing

By testing and learning, you can gain insights on which creative, targeting and formats on YouTube performs best for your brand, and never have to rely on a gut feel. Testing through the Video Experiments tool keeps it seamless for the viewer and provides accurate results. Nectar were able to learn which creative cuts, formats and targeting were most effective at driving sales, as well as metrics like brand awareness and purchase intent.

Watch the award winning ad here:

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