Porsche partners with YouTube creator to reach a new audience

November 2017

Porsche achieves extraordinary results when it collaborates with a YouTube gamer to showcase the Porsche 718 Cayman in a race against a swarm of drones.


To go beyond Porsche’s regular launch campaign and to create an original YouTube campaign in order to reach a new audience


Porsche teamed up with YouTube gamer, Ali A, to create a video campaign, which it launched across 13 countries through YouTube advertising


Ad recall increased from 30% to 96%

Brand awareness rose from 5% to 26%

The brand saw a 2600% uplift in searches for the Porsche Cayman

6.2 million video views

For its latest campaign to showcase its 718 Cayman, Porsche was keen to appeal to a new audience. “We wanted to go beyond our regular launch campaign and to create something new, something different,” says Dr Kjell Gruner, Vice President of Marketing at Porsche. “We wanted to reach a new target group. And it was also important for us to have it really scalable on an international level.”

“We wanted to go beyond our regular launch campaign and to create something new, something different”

– Dr Kjell Gruner, Vice President of Marketing at Porsche

Finding new audiences

For this, Porsche turned to YouTube. Pedro Pina, Global Client Partner at Google, explains “we are spending more and more time online and we spend all our time on our smartphones. For YouTube for instance, the average session is 40 minutes, so people are spending a lot of time on their mobile devices and therefore finding audiences in the traditional channels like print or TV becomes increasingly difficult.”

A collaborative effort

When building its YouTube campaign, Porsche decided to team up with a YouTube creator in order to tap into a new audience.

This collaboration resulted in the production of extremely creative and engaging content. Together with popular YouTube gamer, Ali A, Porsche designed an ambitious global campaign which saw Porsche’s 718 Cayman attempt to outrun a swarm of six hunter drones.

The audience was treated to a nail biting chase, as the Porsche Cayman swerved in and out of three checkpoints, trying to reach the finishing line whilst avoiding the drones. Proximity sensors detonated smoke whenever a drone caught up with the car, and the Cayman was only permitted three lives.

To find out whether the Cayman managed to outpace and outmaneuver the drones, check out the video below:

The Results: A huge spike in searches for the Porsche Cayman

This video was released across 13 countries and promoted using YouTube advertising.

It received an impressive 6.2 millions views. Using Google’s Brand Lift Surveys, Porsche was able to dig deeper and to track its brand awareness, which increased from 5% to 26%. Just as astonishing, the ad recall rose from 30% to a staggering 96%. But that wasn’t all; Gruner adds that they saw searches for the Porsche Cayman increase by more than 2600% and “went beyond our expectations.” He concludes that “the results were really outstanding.”

Pina observes, “this campaign is a very good example of how we can collaborate with brands by using a YouTube creator and the brand itself to develop content that is engaging, entertaining and very successful on the YouTube platform.”

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