Red Gold Tomatoes Wins Awareness with Social Media

June 2013

Realizing that it could grow its business by growing its social community, Red Gold was an early adopter of social media. In order to create a favorable brand impression, win new customers and generate brand loyalty, the company wanted to be able to quickly build and launch engaging pages and promotions, analyze results and rapidly implement the lessons learned. Using Wildfire and Google Analytics, it was able to achieve all of these marketing goals.


Used the Wildfire suite of products to create pages, run promotions, schedule and post messages, analyze results and monitor its competition.

Wildfire’s social ads solution drove targeted traffic to social campaigns, and Google analytics provided insight into what tactics work best.


Grow a strong social community that creates a lasting and favorable brand impression, wins new customers, and generates brand loyalty and repeat purchases.


Red Gold used two Wildfire-driven campaigns to grow the fanbase of its Tuttorosso brand from 2,500 to 31,000 members, exceeding its annual growth target in only three months.

Over 50% of the new fans and followers came directly from a Wildfire social ads campaign.

Red Gold gained 16,000 new contacts for its marketing database.

Company overview


Red Gold is a fourth-generation family-owned business with a tradition of "producing the freshest, best-tasting tomato products in the world!" Tuttorosso is Red Gold's Italian brand, and has been a primary staple in the pantries of discerning cooks since 1929.


Red Gold was an early adopter of social media and quick to realize it could grow its business by growing its social community. In order to create a favorable brand impression, win new customers and generate brand loyalty, the company wanted to be able to quickly build and launch fun and engaging pages and promotions, then analyze its results and rapidly implement the lessons learned.


The Red Gold brand was already experiencing success using Wildfire to engage and grow the Red Gold social community, and the company's new media team was confident that the same approach would work for Tuttorosso.

Red Gold's new media team knows how to make social media work hard, and how to use Wildfire to make it work even harder. For starters, they own branded properties on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram to make sure they reach a large and diversified base. Then they use Wildfire's Pages and Promotions tools to run a steady stream of unique customized campaigns that keep drawing in new customers while keeping existing customers constantly engaged. To make sure campaigns get the momentum they need, the team counts on Wildfire's social ads solution to drive traffic and keep the community growing.

To schedule routine posts and target specific states and regions with relevant messaging, Red Gold uses Wildfire's Messages tool. They use Monitor to see how they're performing against the competition, and Analytics to grade their content and see what works and what doesn't. "Using Wildfire coupled with Google Analytics, we can easily track our followers, track our fans, track each engagement, and connect specific efforts to sales," said Colt Reichart, Red Gold's new media manager. "We see exactly what's impacting sales and how we can increase engagement."

Wildfire really helped us zero in on just the right audience.


Both campaigns were big hits with an audience that was eager to engage. Before the campaign, Tuttorosso had only 2,500 fans, but wanted to increase that to 30,000 within a year. Working with Wildfire, Tuttorosso grew the community to 31,000 fans and followers in just three months. The Ultimate Daily Giveaway alone added 26,670 new users with 14,278 of them coming directly from social ads.

The Tuttorosso campaigns also generated 16,000 new email addresses for the Red Gold database. The marketing team uses those addresses to recruit new members to "Club Tuttorosso," where they get newsletters, recipes and other perks in exchange for participating in three to four surveys per year. These surveys allow Red Gold to gain critical insights into the sentiment of their fans and followers, which Red Gold uses to further improve its marketing efforts. Finally, the club not only builds loyalty, but also saves Red Gold well over $100,000 per year on professional survey fees.

A final sign of true success is the goodwill and word-of-mouth still going strong long after the contests ended. Months after the last prize was awarded, happy fans and followers were still posting on Red Gold's social pages to thank Red Gold for their aprons and rave about the new recipes.

Building a brand in an age of hyper-targeted messaging