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YouTube Common Terms


Extend your visibility. Create an ad, set your budget, and use promotional tools to reach customers looking for you as well as people who might not have found you otherwise. Use search ads, display banners, and video units to increase your brand’s consideration and drive sales

Brand Lift

Measure the moments that matter. Look beyond impressions and views to find out if people intend to buy your product after seeing your video. Get feedback from surveys and search data to find out how your brand is being perceived within days, so you can optimise mid-flight.

Creator Studio App

Manage your channel on the go. Interact with your community, change details on the fly, and see how your videos are doing—all from your phone.


Connect with YouTube Creators. Find, hire, and collaborate with stars and influencers who are in tune with your brand goals and the tone of your messaging. Create videos that will help you build buzz and grow your audience.

Google Analytics

Understand your audience. Find out how people are reacting to—and interacting with—your videos. Break down complex data sets into digestible portions, and create reports that tell you exactly what you want to know about your video’s performance.

Google Analytics + YouTube Analytics

The complete picture. Use these tools in conjunction for a better understanding of who, exactly, is watching your videos—and how they found them. Get deep insights into your audience with surveys, data management tools, and more.

Google Surveys

Find out what people really think—fast. Choose your target audience, ask questions, and watch the answers roll in within hours. Use real-time insights to help you make decisions on the fly.

Re:View Newsletter

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Think with Google

Put Google research and insights to work for you. Find articles that spark your creativity and in-depth analyses of everything from digital campaigns to consumer behaviour. Stay up-to-date on trends and learn how to use planning tools.

Google Trends

Are people searching for your brand and products? Gauge the behaviours of your audience with search data over time. Drill down to specific regions for a closer look and compare search terms side-by-side.

YouTube Analytics

Your channel’s pulse. Monitor the performance of your videos with up-to-date reports to help you organise a ton of data. Find out who’s watching what, and for how long.