Samsung Turkey creates cutting-edge campaign in record time with DoubleClick Studio Layouts

August 2013

To support the launch of a new mobile phone, Samsung Turkey launched a rich media campaign with Google's Studio Layouts faster than ever before. Using DoubleClick Studio Layouts, the team was able to build a three-video GDN lightbox ad in only 15 minutes. Then, they completed quality assurance in three hours — no revisions needed. The campaign caught consumers' attention: In one month, 20 million impressions were served to 2.4 million unique users, with an engagement rate of 2.73%. More than 60,000 viewers watched the videos through to the end. From now on, the brand is planning to consider rich media formats for every launch campaign.


Repurposed videos from Samsung’s popular YouTube channel

Used Studio Layouts to quickly build rich media ad units

Chose a Lightbox template that features three different videos


Support the launch in Turkey of new mobile phone with advanced features

Engage young, tech-savvy professionals

Use rich media to showcase benefits of new product


Creative was built in 15 minutes and campaign was live within three hours, representing a 90% reduction in normal production time

In one month, campaign reached 2.4 million unique visitors with higher-than-expected engagement (2.73%) and delivered CPE lower than normal at less than 10 cents

Metrics proved rich media should be a regular part of Samsung’s marketing mix

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