Nordeus uses YouTube to drive app installs across 15 countries

July 2015

Founded in 2010, Nordeus is an award-winning game developer with offices in Belgrade, London, Dublin, Skopje and San Francisco. The company's most successful app is Top Eleven, which has 100 million unique players and features Jos_ Mourinho as the official face of the game.


Created a TrueView for Mobile App Promotion campaign

Tailored existing video content into a YouTube specific ad

Employed YouTube’s powerful targeting options

Re-engaged consumers through video remarketing


Relaunch the Top Eleven Manager mobile app on Android and iOS platforms across 15 markets


More than 60,000 app downloads within six weeks

40% uplift in brand awareness among target audience

Nordeus recently unveiled the third release of Top Eleven Manager, bringing a completely new experience to users by making all desktop features available in the mobile and tablet versions of the app. To support growth and find the most qualified leads, Nordeus created an extensive promotional campaign that used both online and offline channels, including primetime TV spots during Premier League, Bundesliga and UEFA Champions League football matches.

Awareness and downloads through YouTube

Nordeus wanted to build awareness of Top Eleven Manager and encourage consumers to download the game. Using YouTube would allow the brand to build captivating app promotion campaigns for Android and iOS, leverage its video content and reach more than 1 billion engaged users. YouTube's TrueView in-stream format for Mobile App Promotion was a perfect fit for the brand's needs. This in-stream video ad plays before a selected video in the YouTube mobile app and features a promotional banner with an "Install" call to action. Impactful without being intrusive, the ad can be skipped after five seconds if a user chooses.



To build awareness of Top Eleven Manager and encourage consumers to download the game, Nordeus used TrueView Mobile App Promotion ads on YouTube. This allowed the brand to build captivating app promotion campaigns for Android and iOS and leverage existing video content.

Unique capabilities of the format deliver impact

showcase the mobile app. An appealing video adapted the brand's 60-second TV ad into a 30-second YouTube-specific ad featuring a strong hook in the first five seconds. The YouTube version replaced the long inspirational introduction of the TV commercial with an immediate call to action, and jumped straight in with imagery depicting the app on a smartphone screen to make product identification easy.

Creating awareness among football fans

To capture the most relevant users and to parallel the brand's TV strategy, Nordeus used YouTube's powerful targeting options. These included demographics (male users aged 18 to 34), affinity segments (soccer fans) and topics (sports games and football). To drive even more app downloads and reach targeted users, Nordeus also tested Similar User audience signals in the campaigns.

Video remarketing enables re-engagement

Nordeus used video remarketing to show the ad to users who had seen the video but had not yet installed the game.

Winning results

Nordeus managed to achieve approximately 60,000 valuable app downloads in the first six weeks of the YouTube campaign at an economical cost per view. Google Consumer Surveys showed that the activity enabled the company to substantially increase top-of-mind brand awareness. For example in the UK, Top Eleven's recognition among one of its main user segments (football fans aged 18 to 24) increased by 40%.

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