TalkTalk maximises YouTube TrueView campaign effectiveness using Google Analytics Premium

September 2015

TalkTalk and its agency m/SIX wanted to segment new and existing customers based on previous interactions with the brand with the aim of promoting new TV content packages via TrueView advertising on YouTube.

As a first step, m/SIX imported remarketing lists from Google Analytics into AdWords, making it possible to differentiate TalkTalk customers who already owned TalkTalk TV or other TalkTalk packages. The team then segmented non TalkTalk customers who had visited certain pages on the TalkTalk website by using Google Analytics lists and Google Display Network audience lists, as well as in-market segments and relevant YouTube placements across the movie and broadcast categories.

Conversations with new prospects and existing customers

To target non-TalkTalk customers, multiple Google Analytics lists were split out into hot, warm and cold leads based on previous interactions with the website. For example, a consumer who had only visited a product page would be identified as "warm" but one who had started on the purchase journey would be "hot". The YouTube video delivered to these users promoted TalkTalk as a TV and broadband provider, and also communicated the great value in supplementing a TV package with additional TV boosts.

Google Analytics lists were also used to target different parts of the existing customer base of broadband subscribers. Messaging encouraged these consumers to add TV to their broadband packages. Meanwhile, using multiple Google Analytics lists enabled m/SIX to differentiate TalkTalk TV customers by their various TV packages and connections. The YouTube video delivered to these customers included messaging about optional add-ons available with their existing TV packages.


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Separating users into segments in this way allowed the team to deliver the appropriate message to the correct audience. Each video ad was tracked separately according to both impressions and clicks, which enabled very granular analysis of performance. Based on this, budgets were adjusted accordingly.

Wins, successes and next steps

Compared to TalkTalk's previous campaigns using standard URL-based remarketing lists, the new remarketing campaigns using Google Analytics Premium produced exceptional results. In new acquisition activity, the view rate was 4% higher, the click-through rate was 29% higher and volumes in terms of views were significantly higher, too.

Compared to previous campaigns, among existing customers the click-through rate was 9% higher, cost per acquisition was 76% lower and maximum average CPM was 8% lower. The Google Analytics Premium activity drove 91% more product sales and 294% more boost sales in this audience, with 50% fewer impressions than the previous URL-based retargeting activity.

Going forward, TalkTalk and m/SIX plan to advertise other products using this approach, and scale up future activity using a similar targeting setup. They intend to transfer creative learnings to new videos and will expand into new targeting methods and additional formats.

Building a brand in an age of hyper-targeted messaging