Targeting views: TalkTalk gets more viewable impressions with DoubleClick Bid Manager and Active View

February 2015

TalkTalk Telecom Group, a leading TV, broadband, mobile and phone provider in the UK, was eager to boost the viewability of its ads while maintaining costs. Having already implemented programmatic buying to reach potential customers at the exact moment that they're ready to commit, TalkTalk wanted to then ensure that its ads were actually being seen by targeting viewable impressions. To do so, the company deployed DoubleClick Bid Manager and Active View. The results speak for themselves: TalkTalk generated 94% more viewable impressions, increased CTR 133% and lowered CPC by 40%.


Deployed DoubleClick Bid Manager and Active View to reach the right customers with the right message at the right time


Increase viewable impressions while maintaining costs


94% more viewable impressions

133% higher CTR

40% lower CPC

43% lower post-click CPA

TalkTalk Telecom Group is a leading television, broadband, mobile and phone provider for homes and businesses in the U.K. With a long history of disrupting the saturated communications market, TalkTalk and its agency m/SIX made the decision to adopt programmatic buying as part of its marketing strategy in 2011. Programmatic buying allows marketers to reach potential customers at the exact moment that they're ready to commit.

But if an ad can't be seen, customers can't be reached. For TalkTalk, the viewability of its digital ads emerged as a key challenge to quantify and validate its display investment. With online channels generating half of its sales, TalkTalk was eager to find a solution to increasing the viewability of its ads. That's why TalkTalk chose DoubleClick's Active View solution on DoubleClick Bid Manager to measure and target viewable impressions.

A groundbreaking solution

Active View is Google and DoubleClick's solution to measuring and buying viewable impressions. It's MRC accredited and measures in real time whether or not an ad was viewable. With Active View, advertisers, agencies and publishers have access to a common, integrated metric to evaluate and compare the viewability of impressions all across the web.

"Being able to target by viewability with Active View is groundbreaking," says Rich Bailey, online marketing manager, TalkTalk Telecom Group. "Active View enables us to measure the viewability of our ads, and Bid Manager's viewability targeting feature provides us with a solution to increase the number of viewable impressions we buy."



Results "speak for themselves"

Active View targeting has performed very well for TalkTalk. "We've dramatically increased our viewed impressions, without increasing spend. We also saw performance uplifts, as more prospects clicked through to our site and converted," says Bailey. TalkTalk's percentage of viewable impressions nearly doubled, click-through rate (CTR) rose 133%, cost per click (CPC) fell 40%, while the post-click cost per action (CPA) fell by 43%.

TalkTalk plans to continue to use DoubleClick Bid Manager and Active View as consumers increasingly connect with digital advertising across multiple devices. These solutions let TalkTalk "move really quickly to understand complex targeting and generally improve overall efficiency," says Bailey. "DoubleClick Bid Manager is a key partner of ours, because they deliver," adds Bailey. "We're tackling questions that are at the forefront for every marketer. I'm excited to continue working closely with the DoubleClick team to tackle the needs of our business."

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