Teatum Jones: Why YouTube is a perfect place to be for fashion designers

Catherine Teatum, Rob Jones / February 2018

British fashion designers Teatum Jones reveal how the digital landscape is reshaping their creative and marketing strategy. Here they tell us why they’re making the move to YouTube for brand-building, creativity, connection and storytelling on a global scale – and their mission to make their luxury fashion label accessible for all. Plus a sneak peek into their exclusive Global Womanhood human stories campaign.

The digital fashion space has completely evolved

Since we started our brand in 2011, we’ve seen different apps and platforms come and go, but then there are channels like YouTube that have transformed digital marketing.

When we first started out, we didn’t realise that capturing our design process would so engaging to our audience. Nowadays, every moment presents an opportunity to create content and tell our brand story. The engagement we receive from our digital channels now contributes to the entire design process from concept to the final product that walks out at London Fashion Week (LFW).

How human stories inspire our collections

We create fashion from human stories and we weave those stories into the bold statement fabrics we design. We carry out interviews, visit archives and speak to curators or specialists in the subject we’re focusing on.

The results bring a series of touchpoints that usually find their way back into our digital spaces. This could be via a research-led inspiration post on Instagram, telling the collection story on our website or the music that plays over our latest film on YouTube.

Taking all of this into consideration, we've dedicated our AW18 collection to what we see as ‘Global Womanhood’.

Exclusive to YouTube: Watch Teatum Jones' AW18 Global Womanhood Campaign

We asked 25 different women from various backgrounds, across the globe, the same three questions. In spite of their differences, they were united by their moments of intense joy, sadness and hope.

“A huge part of our brand messaging is about creating fashion from human stories and YouTube provides the perfect platform to retell those stories.”

– Catherine Teatum, Teatum Jones

The colours and the prints for this collection really began to take shape when we started interviewing this collective of women. We asked how these women felt wearing our clothes and identified three distinct colour stories that reflected these emotions.

Why YouTube

It’s [YouTube] in every pocket, bag, office, café, tablet, laptop and bedroom across the globe.

A huge part of our brand messaging is about creating fashion from human stories and YouTube provides the perfect platform for us to retell those stories. The topics we've raised in our Global Womanhood campaign opens up important and relevant discussions, and we hope this then sparks a wider conversation.

Understanding what our women want and desire from Teatum Jones is the bloodline to creating commercially successful collections. Using the power of online video and music, we can deliver poignant and meaningful messages that can transcend in the sometimes ‘limited-access’ nature of LFW.

This season, we're passionate about making our brand story accessible for all. Therefore, we’re live streaming and recording the whole LFW experience on YouTube – and we look forward to having you there.

Watch Teatum Jones' AW18 LFW show on YouTube here, find out more about their inspiring Global Womanhood campaign and join the conversation @TeatumJones #globalwomanhood

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