Think with Google UK 2017: Watch the recording

Sarah Clark / June 2017

On 27th June 2017, we hosted and streamed our flagship event live from London – and filmed the whole thing for you to view at your leisure. Here’s your chance to play catch up or simply relive your favourite moments.

We welcomed over 250 senior marketers to Victoria House in London, and a further 850 of you via our live stream, for a great day of learning, creativity and inspiration.

Drawing on the freshest industry research, our speakers shared their thoughts, insights and vision on the future of marketing, and the role of technology.

As we mark two decades of Search, this event highlighted there’s still so much more to come – and it’s never been a more exciting time to explore the world of assistance.

Discover the who, what and wow of Think with Google UK 2017:

Just a few highlights included:

  • Jason Spero on what the age of assistance means for marketing. Jason showed us how consumers now expect great assistive experiences as a given and how some brands are stepping up brilliantly. For more insights from Jason, read his just-published article.
  • Matt Bush revealed how brands can create the best customer experiences with data. The answer in a nutshell? Be seen, be smart, be speedy and measure for growth. Read more from Matt on using Search in the age of assistance.
  • Tracey Follows from The Future Laboratory. She argued for the need to bring social intelligence to artificial intelligence by becoming much more inclusive and diverse. Not only will diversity lead to better social and business outcomes – it’s the key to creating trust in the modern world and tech of tomorrow. Read this write-up from Tracey, too.
  • Ronan Harris’ wrap-up. Ronan reminded us why Search is more vital than ever in getting consumers from inspiration to action. By getting mobile right and embracing machine learning, brands can become fully assistive – which is what today’s consumers want, expect and value. Dive into our Search insights & research page for further inspiration.
  • Fun stuff. Our audience went nuts for the opening virtual orchestra (one attendee vowed it as: “Possibly the best start to a conference ever”) and the epic ‘Voice vs Type Search Battle’ with the world’s fastest rapper and texter (yes, that happened). Guess who won? You’ll have to watch it to find out (1h 30mins in).
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