YouTube Effectiveness Guide: Turn attention into action

October 2018

When it comes to attention, YouTube has it: 83% of YouTube viewers describe themselves as ‘fully/mostly’ paying attention, compared with just 58% across other social platforms.

To drive results, marketers must do more than just speak to attentive audiences. They must turn attention into action. But in a constantly evolving digital media landscape, both achieving – and proving – results can be complex, particularly when it comes to online video.

To help you get the most out of advertising on YouTube, we’ve put together this guide. While success is never one-size-fits-all, the insights and recommendations in these pages are backed by research, along with case studies from award-winning YouTube campaigns. So whether you’re looking to drive awareness, consideration, conversion, or full-funnel impact, you’ll be able to find tips and guidelines to help deliver results that matter, time and time again.

More Than Just Viewers: Learn how to drive effectiveness on YouTube