YouTube Works for Brands 2018: Winners announced

June 2018

YouTube Works for Brands is about championing brands and agencies who are producing best-in-class advertising and effective campaigns on YouTube.

Now in its second year, in partnership with the APG and Campaign, we received an overwhelming response and saw a 30% uplift in entries.

The 12 winning campaigns captured the hearts and attention of our stellar line-up of judges across the advertising industry with Alison Hoad, Chief Strategy Officer at BBH, as the Chair of Judges.

Hear from the winners

Watch the films with the winning brands and agencies, and learn how they demonstrated brilliant results, storytelling and effectiveness on YouTube.

Also check out the dedicated ‘Winner’s hub’ on Campaign.

Hear from our Chair of Judges and partners


Well, this is the second year of these awards and one of the things that made it so fascinating to Chair this year was it’s ‘nearly new’ status.

Authors and judges alike didn’t have a prefixed view of what years of winning papers looked like, nor mountains of evidence as to how YouTube works. This made for a diverse set of papers; much colourful debate and bags of learning about how YouTube works for brands.

Far beyond online views, these cases revealed how effective YouTube can be for brand, business and culture. It’s a platform with its very own goldmine of data, but I’d underestimated how far-ranging that data now is. It’s a platform that truly gives brands the opportunity to have a voice, where elsewhere they may be drowned out.

It’s a platform that allows for experimentation but where consistency pays huge commercial returns too. The final learning was that even in the industry’s newest of awards schemes, for one of its newest platforms, storytelling can still run away with the Grand Prix.

Thanks to all the judges who came on the journey, and to all the contributing brands and agencies, who taught us all a thing or two.

Sarah Newman, Director, the APG

The APG is the organisation for Planners and Strategists and we supported the inception of this awards programme because there was a vacuum of information and understanding in our community about the effective use of video.

YouTube is such a powerful phenomenon in the world of business and communication, that we were interested in supporting a body of learning about the different ways YouTube can effectively contribute to the health of a brand or business.

YouTube Works for Brands is now in its second year and the quality of thinking and evidence in the submissions is consistently high and exceptionally useful.

Claire Beale, Editor, Campaign

Let's not fool ourselves; our industry has faced some serious challenges and been dragged through tumultuous change.

Perhaps that's why brave, exuberant work feels even more vital.

There's certainly something joyfully bold and exciting about the very best of the work that has been running on YouTube. It's become the place for innovative storytelling, energising risk-taking, creative experimentation.

Campaign is proud to partner on these awards recognising the opportunity and impact that YouTube represents for ambitious brands.

Congratulations to all the winners. I hope they inspire yet more great work in the months ahead.

YouTube Works for Brands in partnership with APG: The winning campaigns 2017