Does reaching U.K. shoppers online impact the sale of fast-moving consumer goods? When it comes to groceries, toiletries, and baby products, the answer is yes: shoppers who search online and visit retail sites simply spend more Ñ and their numbers are growing. This study breaks down the ways in which online behaviour drives offline spending.

August 2012

This study provides a deep dive into ROPO (research online purchase offline) behaviour in UK FMCG sector. It focuses on FMCG searchers and those who have visited a Grocery retail online site. The study combines single source data for online behaviors and offline purchases in those categories.

Key findings:.

  • In 2011, 64% of UK internet users spent significant time researching brands before making a major purchase (vs. 50% in 2008)
  • Main shoppers who search and visit spend +13% more in-store than those who do neither
  • Main shoppers who search for FMCG information online are younger, more affluent and have larger households.