Display Benchmarks Tool

The rundown

Measure the success of your display campaigns with this tool. Compare your performance to the rest of the industry.

Measure your display campaign’s real performance by comparing it with your competitors. By seeing your data in a wider context and anchored to relevant industry benchmarks, you’ll have a truer understanding of what your own numbers mean and can make better campaign decisions.

What's the average CTR of entertainment ads in Australia? How much does it cost to run a video in the US? Do richer ads really increase engagement? What format will work best for your current campaign's goals?

The Display Benchmarks Tool is your window into what's working for the world. It allows you to compare and contrast all possibilities from across the globe. You can pull up-to-date industry benchmarks such as click-through rate, interaction rate and time, expansion rate and video completions, and slice the data by country, vertical, ad size and ad format. You can view it as a map, data snapshot or trends. And the real-time feature means you're always up to date.

To measure what's working in digital campaigns, check out the Display Benchmarks Tool now.

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