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Target the right audiencies around the world with this easy-to-use keyword-based search tool.

The Global Market Finder can open up huge new markets for your brand. It lets you leap over language and location barriers to search and compare keyword performance across the world, reaching over 1.9 billion customers and seeing where people are looking for your product or service.

Arabic, Chinese, Spanish…Global Market Finder automatically translates keywords into 56 languages and lets you check the monthly search volumes for specific locations. You can even compare the cost of targeting particular keywords in each market, as well as the competition for them.

Suppose you manufacture inflatable mattresses. A quick check reveals that monthly queries for ‘inflatable mattress’ are over seven times higher in France than the UK, while ‘airbed’ sweeps Germany into top position. On the other hand, ‘blow-up beds’ only registers as a search term in the UK and Spain. Turn to the emerging markets and ‘airbed’ won’t get you very far but ‘inflatable mattress’ shows high interest in Brazil.

These insights, along with keyword competition and suggested bids, can reveal brand new markets, sharpen your marketing strategies and help you get the most from your ad budget.

To leap over language barriers, [OR To open up overseas markets,] explore Global Market Finder now.

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