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Google Correlate

The rundown

Google Correlate finds search patterns which correspond with real-world trends, producing valuable insights for marketers.

Patterns from search enquiries can hold the key to predicting what and when things will capture the world's interest. Google Correlate allows you to find patterns in search over time and space.

Suppose you want to identify your target customers for a new product. With Google Correlate you can upload your own data set and search for similar trends, or enter search terms and see matching patterns. You can use each correlation to get deep insights about your audience and discover the best place to roll out a new brand.

Search terms can vary in popularity over time and some of these trends reflect real-world concerns. For example, based on search patterns for flu we were able to provide timely estimates of flu activity in 28 countries.

Google Correlate can help you research markets and target personas, shape your content strategy, mapping the buyer journey, identify keywords and find trending topics. It's a powerful part of the marketer's toolkit.

To find patterns that shape your marketing, explore Google Correlate now.

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