One Minute With … Doug Place: Creativity makes the world better

One Minute With … Doug Place: Creativity makes the world better

Doug Place, Chief Marketing Officer
March 2021

Everyone strives for perfection, but maybe perfect isn’t the be all and end all. Just ask Nando’s Chief Marketing Officer Doug Place, a board member on the Marketing Achievement Council which hosts the annual Marketing Achievement Awards. Here, Place outlines why creativity doesn’t arrive on demand and how it makes the world a better place. And while better isn’t always perfect - sometimes it’s good enough.


Most things aren't perfect and are never going to be perfect but what really matters is is it better than it was yesterday


I am Doug Place, I am the chief marketing officer here at Nando's


Uh the first job I ever had was folding underpants at Stuttafords. Yeah, I learnt a lot of things there


Creativity isn't necessarily something that arrives on demand


Often the most inspiration I have is when I'm on holiday which is not when I wanted to be creative but that's when it arrives


Exactly, it's rubbish! Exactly


Uh the buzzword that I want everyone to stop using is the new normal and disruption


A quote that I really do try live by is "Progress matters a lot more than perfection"


Well, to be honest, I'm far more inspired by today's young people and the creative minds that I come across


I think young people are far too afraid—courtesy of social media—of making mistakes and being ridiculed


We need creative people now more than ever to make the world a better, and more prosperous, and vibrant, and frankly much lekker place than it is at the moment

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