One Minute With … Nadia Mohamed: Inspire creativity and innovation by caring

One Minute With … Nadia Mohamed: Inspire creativity and innovation by caring

Nadia Mohamed, Marketing Director
Mondelēz International
March 2021

In South Africa’s creative industry there’s a notion of humility along with buoyant ubuntu (compassion, humanity), says Nadia Mohamed, marketing director at Mondelēz International. Mohamed is a board member of the Marketing Achievement Council, which holds the annual Marketing Achievement Awards. Here she talks about why, if brands hope to be creative and innovative, they need to start by caring.


We can laugh at ourselves, we can cry with ourselves, and we can most definitely inspire ourselves


Hello, I'm Nadia Mohamed. I lead the marketing portofolio for Mondelēz International


Well if I wasn't a marketeer, I would most definitely be designing shoes


My career has certainly grown! In 10 years, I really do hope to be in academia


I must say, I do get my best ideas in the morning. There's something about fresh air, fresher brain that allows me think clearer


So thinking about it as a leader, a habit that I've had to work on breaking over the years is perfectionism


In the creative industry in South Africa, there's a notion of humility, at the same time, there's this buoyant ubuntu notion


That comes across in a number of avenues that's so uniquely South African


There's certainly a job to be done around inspiring the next creatives


Be bold and be courageous in your ideas, be a life long student


You've gotta create a culture of care because only then do you inspire innovation, and only then do you inspire creativity

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