Hippo.co.za’s full-funnel YouTube campaign achieves reach and conversions

June 2019

How South Africa’s first financial products comparison website gained a 36% lift in purchase intent.

Hippo.co.za has been helping South Africans make informed financial product comparisons since 2007. The business recognised a need to reinvent their brand to become the destination of choice for consumers to buy the products and services compared on their site. Hippo.co.za required an approach that would meet their brand objectives as well as deliver on ambitious conversion targets.

Hippo.co.za and their agency partners developed a full-funnel campaign designed to successfully relaunch the Hippo.co.za brand, reintroduce the beloved Hippo character, and grow conversion volumes. The team created TrueView ads and tactical mastheads to achieve reach, while TrueView for Action ads were utilised to drive conversions. Upon seeing significantly higher traffic volumes to the site, the team built remarketing audiences to boost car insurance conversions.

Hippo.co.za exceeded their target for views, and their masthead delivered almost half of their total campaign reach target in a single day. A Brand Lift Survey and Brand Interest Study demonstrated that YouTube drove a 36% lift in purchase intent and that users exposed to Hippo.co.za ads on YouTube were twice as likely to search for the brand than those who didn’t see the ads. What’s more, Hippo.co.za exceeded their campaign conversion targets at a cost per acquisition that was 50% lower than their standard reach and frequency campaigns.

“The success of YouTube as both a brand awareness and conversion channel has exceeded all our expectations,” says Vera Nagtegaal, Executive Head of Hippo.co.za.

Looking forward, Hippo.co.za plans to make YouTube a regular part of their media mix. The team has also recognised that performance-specific content is required to achieve the greatest impact going forward, and appropriate measurement strategies are needed to determine the success of full-funnel campaigns.

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