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With brand interest, part of Google's Brand Lift solution, you can measure the impact your campaign has on your brand based on consumer search behavior.

What it is

As part of Google’s Brand Lift solution, brand interest shows you which keywords from your creative resonated most with your users based on organic Google.com searches related to your brand. You can also slice your results by geography and ad frequency.

How it works

To measure your audience’s interest in your brand, we look at organic searches on Google.com related to your brand and then measure how many of those searches can be attributed to your campaign. To do this, we measure the aggregate increase in search volume on your brand-related keywords among those who saw your ad versus those who did not. The difference in search behavior between the two groups shows the impact of your campaign.

Why you’d use it

By seeing how your ads have changed search behavior among consumers, you can determine how effective your messaging is in generating interest in your brand. You’ll gain valuable insights on brand, product and creative association. You can also see differences in behavior based on geography and ad frequency, which will help you optimize your campaign and drive even more interest in your brand.

  • Measure what matters: Go beyond traditional proxy metrics such as clicks and impressions using attitudinal metrics that show whether or not a user is interested.
  • Fast, accurate results: Using best-in-class technology to analyze organic search activity, Google delivers results you can trust in as few as seven days.
  • Improve your campaign’s effectiveness mid-flight: Use our near real-time insights to understand what’s working and what’s not.

To learn more, download the Brand Lift fact sheet.