Soluções de alto desempenho da Rede de Display

Os Resumo

Se sua empresa for pequena ou grande, a Rede de Display do Google é uma “rede inteligente” para os anunciantes que procuram soluções integradas de segmentação, avaliação e otimização eficientes.

O que é?

Os anúncios da Rede de Display do Google alcançam pessoas em todos os tipos de conteúdo, em mais de dois milhões de sites, desde pequenos blogs de nicho até sites com milhões de visualizações diárias. Independentemente de onde seu público-alvo esteja (indo de um lugar para outro ou em casa), os anúncios gráficos os alcançam no momento certo com mensagens relevantes para o conteúdo escolhido por eles.

Por que usar

Se você tiver uma pequena empresa ou uma grande agência, encontrará as soluções certas para exibir campanhas gráficas de alto desempenho na Rede de Display do Google. A segmentação avançada com base em contexto e no público-alvo e a capacidade de personalizar anúncios ajudam você a criar demanda e a se conectar com seus clientes. Com controle sobre seus lances e dados de desempenho em tempo real, você pode monitorar os resultados das campanhas, controlar onde os anúncios são exibidos e ajustar as metas.


  • Alcance seus clientes onde quer que eles estejam: em celulares, tablets ou computadores
  • Crie demanda segmentando por público-alvo e contexto
  • Reconquiste visitantes que já estiveram em seu site
  • Avalie e otimize em tempo real com relatórios transparentes e ferramentas automatizadas

Para mais informações sobre nossas ofertas de produtos, explore este site ou faça o download do Guia da Rede de Display do Google. Entre em contato com seu representante para começar hoje mesmo.

  • Display Planner

    Display Planner

    A lot of planning goes into developing a great ad campaign. Display Planner makes it easy by finding places that your audience is likely to visit and suggesting new ways to connect with them using all of the targeting options available on the Google Display Network. Simply enter demographics and sites associated with your ideal customers and the tool will suggest thousands of new websites, mobile applications and video channels for your ads. Leave the guesswork out of display planning and maximize your campaigns' potential with Display Planner.

  • Mute This Ad for Display

    Mute This Ad for Display

    Mute This Ad helps advertisers make a great first impression. A tiny "x" in the upper right corner of the unit allows users to opt-out of watching ads that don't interest them. This means marketers can learn who their brand appeals to and message accordingly. It also means marketers only have to pay for the impressions that count-the number of times the ad was watched.

  • Display Ad Builder

    Display Ad Builder

    Display Ad Builder helps you build and customize display creatives quickly, right on your AdWords account-adding no additional cost. To swap out creative in minutes use text, images, videos, and logos from your own site. Or, choose from our templates, images and fonts.

  • Text Ads on the Google Display Network

    Text Ads on the Google Display Network

    Text ads are an easy, efficient way to create incremental, high-quality conversions through our network of more than two million publisher sites. They deliver targeted customizable messaging at the most efficient price possible.

  • Enhanced CPC

    Enhanced CPC

    Boost ROI by increasing conversions while maintaining or decreasing cost-per-conversion. Each time your ad is eligible to appear, Enhanced CPC will automatically raise and lower the Max CPC bid that you've set based on the likelihood that your ad will convert. When you use Enhanced CPC, your ad should receive more conversions while maintaining or reducing your overall cost-per-conversion.

  • Conversion Optimizer for the Google Display Network

    Conversion Optimizer for the Google Display Network

    The Conversion Optimizer analyzes your historical data, as well as a number of other factors to decide whether your ad will lead to a conversion. The system then automatically determines the best cost-per-click bid for your ad for a particular auction. So, you still pay per click but don't need to manually adjust your bids to reach your CPA goals.

  • Display Campaign Optimizer

    Display Campaign Optimizer

    Let's face it. Scaling online campaigns efficiently can take up a lot of time and resources. Let Google technology do it for you. The Display Campaign Optimizer determines your campaigns' optimal targeting and bidding settings for you, then continuously learns, adapts, and adjusts to generate the maximum conversions possible. The result? More conversions at the same CPA with one click.

  • View-through Conversions

    View-through Conversions

    Measure the success of your display ad campaigns by using the View-through Conversions feature on AdWords. View-through Conversions are what happens when a customer sees an ad, and then later completes a conversion on your site. Google allows you to track View-through Conversions, providing insight into the holistic value of your display campaigns.

  • Conversion Tracking for the Google Display Network

    Conversion Tracking for the Google Display Network

    Ever wonder what happens after people click? Conversion Tracking can show you. This tool shows marketers who downloaded content or made a purchase after making contact. This info can help them make better bidding decisions and manage costs.

  • Interest Categories

    Interest Categories

    Interest Categories can help you reach your target audiences across the Google Display Network, presenting highly relevant messages to users while they surf the web. Choose from a rich set of Interest Categories-like, travel, entertainment, sports, or auto enthusiasts-and we'll show ads to people that we think are interested in those categories.

  • Placement Targeting

    Placement Targeting

    Placement Targeting allows you to connect with consumers on their favorite sites. Google partnerships provide the opportunity to do so on specific sections of sites or apps, giving you more control and potential to better connect with your audience.

  • Topic Targeting

    Topic Targeting

    Getting your message to the right consumers is good. Getting the right consumers the right messages is even better. With Topic Targeting, you can choose sites within the network that work best with your messaging and/or use contextual keywords to trigger your ad. This helps your brand continue to be relevant to consumers on a whole other level.

  • Demographics


    Demographic Targeting is what it sounds like-a way to find your target by age and gender. It can help marketers reach a specific target based on stage of life to continue to serve the most relevant messages to consumers.

  • Keyword Contextual Targeting

    Keyword Contextual Targeting

    Keyword Contextual Targeting on the Google Display Network allows you to engage with consumers at the exact moment they are reading-and thinking-about your products and services. Similar to search advertising, you can target, bid, report & optimize on individual keywords and reach new customers with highly relevant messages.

  • Ready Creatives

    Ready Creatives

    Display ads bring your brand's story to life online. Revolutionary formats have brought us new creative ways to engage customers with stories they love, remember and share. With Ready Creatives, you can easily create and add these innovative formats to your display campaigns in minutes and at no cost.

  • Remarketing


    When it comes to convincing the people who visit your site to take action and convert, one visit is typically not enough. Remarketing gives you a chance to bring back indecisive customers with tailored ads and offers that relate to the experience they had on your site. With remarketing, you get another chance to close the deal.

  • Search Network with Display Select

    Search Network with Display Select

    People are always looking to connect with useful information in the moments that matter - whether searching on keywords related to a product or reading highly relevant content across the web. AdWords campaign type Search Network with Display Select is the easiest, most efficient way for you to reach additional customers in search and beyond.

  • In-Market Audiences

    In-Market Audiences

    Reach potential customers while they're actively browsing, researching or comparing the types of products you sell. Connect with those most interested in what you have to offer, using precise segments that classify users based on their demonstrated in-market behavior and purchase intent.