Mercedes-Benz France's Immersive YouTube Experience Fuels Shift in Brand Perception

Edgy, energetic, passionate. These were just some of the responses to Mercedes-Benz France's Sensations campaign, created to help modernize the iconic brand and introduce its new SUV. The immersive experience focuses on The Monolith, a black box that's crafted into a car by the movements of a series of American football players, skateboarders, dancers and others who represent Mercedes-Benz's engineers. The core of the integrated campaign was a 14-minute YouTube ad, from which users could unlock an additional 25 hours of content. And they just did that: The TrueView ad achieved an astonishing 69% view rate and attracted 66% more subscribers to its channel.

Reposition the brand to appeal to a younger audience
Reach a broad swath of people
Drive engagement
Highlight the sporty design of a new SUV
Build excitement with four days of teasers
Create collection of short videos and a more immersive director’s cut to engage audience
Focus on YouTube, using Masthead, First Watch, TrueView and Search
3.7 million complete views
More than 6.9 years of content actively used
69% view rate on the 14-minute TrueView film
66% increase in YouTube channel subscriptions
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