Marketo Scores 10X Higher Conversion Rate With Google Analytics

May 2015

Marketo reengaged potential customers at each stage of the purchase funnel by combining Marketo Real-Time Personalization and Google Analytics. The team drove a 10X higher conversion rate compared with traditional display marketing and an increase in conversions across both the B2C and B2B markets.

Improve customer engagement and generate more conversions
Tie data obtained from Marketo's Real-Time Personalization product to an online remarketing campaign
Passed data from Marketo's Real-Time Personalization to Google Analytics in the form of events
Used Google Analytics as a single source to view Marketo's customer data and Google Analytics visitor information
Defined remarketing audiences in Google Analytics and served personalized ads through AdWords
10X higher conversion rate compared with traditional display marketing
117% YoY increase in qualified leads
200% more conversions for B2C and 150% more for B2B users using personalized ads

As a leading marketing automation software company, Marketo is a strategic partner for thousands of companies in both the B2B and B2C industries. To do its own marketing, Marketo needed a platform that was flexible enough to combine external data with user site behavior, while allowing it to seamlessly leverage that data to increase the relevance of its marketing.

Marketo's main objectives were to reengage potential customers at each stage of the funnel, first educating them on its products and later encouraging them to complete a lead form. To achieve these goals while getting full visibility across all its channels and programs, Marketo turned to Google Analytics.

Increased accuracy with multiple sources of data

With the flexibility that Google Analytics provided, Marketo was able to add custom data to the Analytics platform to achieve even better results. To do so, the team used a two-step approach: first it used Marketo's Real-Time Personalization (RTP) product to identify characteristics of Marketo's website visitors, and then passed this data to Google Analytics in the form of events. This allowed Marketo to see Google Analytics visitor demographics and behavior information next to Marketo's RTP-identified characteristics, such as product interest and industry type. The combination of these two sources allowed Marketo to obtain a more accurate, holistic picture of its user base in Google Analytics.

Once all the data was in place, Marketo segmented audiences in Analytics based on conversion stage or business vertical. This enabled Marketo to quickly and easily define the Google Analytics remarketing lists based on all the data it had on its users. With Google Analytics' native integration with AdWords, Marketo was able to pass the lists to AdWords and serve more personalized remarketing ads to its users in just a few clicks.

"Google Analytics has helped us increase the effectiveness of our AdWords remarketing campaigns by improving the targeting of our audiences and allowing us to present more relevant ads," says Mike Telem, VP of product marketing at Marketo. "It solved the problem of how to tie segmented audiences from our website to our online advertising campaigns. We are now able to show equally personalized ads to an audience who viewed a particular set of personalized content on our website as they browse other sites online."

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Conversions increase across the board

After applying customized data sets to show tailored remarketing ads to its users, Marketo saw a huge jump in customer engagement and conversions. Across the board, remarketing with Google Analytics drove a 10X higher conversion rate compared to its traditional display marketing campaigns. It also saw 200% more conversions in its B2C segment and an increase of 150% in conversions for its enterprise visitors.

"By integrating Marketo Real-Time Personalization with Google Analytics, we now can run highly effective and more relevant ad campaigns on third-party websites using the same audience segments that proved to work on our own website," says Heidi Bullock, VP of demand generation at Marketo. "We saw a 117% increase in qualified leads and over 130% increase in multi-touch opportunities as a result."

After seeing the powerful effectiveness of the RTP product and the Google Analytics platform combined, Marketo plans on creating additional remarketing campaigns based on this strategy as well as further optimizing its current campaigns.

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