TransUnion Drives Ad Performance With Google Analytics Audience Insights


To efficiently drive higher conversion rates on its AdWords and DoubleClick ads, TransUnion used Google Analytics Premium audiences to unlock customer insights and boosted performance across search and display.

Increase marketing efficiencies across its AdWords and DoubleClick campaigns
Increase the number of conversions
Find a platform that will test a number of audience lists without increasing the complexity of tags
Used Google Analytics Premium audience lists and remarketing lists for search ads for smarter, more efficient bidding in AdWords and DoubleClick
Organized audience lists in Google Analytics Premium to maximize budget and avoid overexposure
Google Analytics Premium delivered the highest total conversions, most revenue, and second-lowest eCPA across all of TransUnion's programmatic display buying efforts
Visitors who launched non-branded searches had a 65% higher conversion rate and 58% higher revenue/transaction, with about a 50% decrease in the cost/transaction

TransUnion prides itself on going beyond credit reporting to deliver sophisticated financial information to half a billion users worldwide. Its products help customers better understand credit health, monitor credit profile changes, and protect against identity theft-related issues.

TransUnion wanted to find more customers while reducing waste in search and display campaigns. Specifically, the company wanted to make its marketing efforts as efficient as possible while driving higher conversion rates on its AdWords and DoubleClick ads. As a Google Analytics Premium customer for over three years, it was easy for TransUnion and its agency, Digitas, to make a plan to use audience behavioral data from Google Analytics Premium to create more effective remarketing campaigns.

Smarter optimization with Google AdWords and DoubleClick Bid Manager

In AdWords, TransUnion focused its audience list on two sets of users. One segment was dedicated to new users—those who had visited its site and started, but not completed, a credit application. The other included users who had already converted. Splitting the audience between new and existing customers allowed TransUnion to leverage remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) to bid higher for new customers and spend less on customers it had already won.

For its DoubleClick Bid Manager campaigns, TransUnion eliminated inefficiencies by implementing audience lists. This time, the team started with five different segments for users at different stages of engagement with the brand. These lists made sure that TransUnion targeted the right people at the right time and prevented over-exposing users to creatives they'd already seen.

Google Analytics Premium lists outperform other programmatic strategies

TransUnion used Google Analytics Premium to build audience lists for RLSA. These lists yielded high-intent metrics while also delivering impressive conversion rates and cost efficiencies for TransUnion's search ads. RLSA visitors had a lower bounce rate and viewed twice as many pages per session compared with regular visitors. New customers exposed to targeted RLSA messages had a 65% higher conversion rate and 58% higher revenue/transaction with about a 50% drop in the cost/transaction. Meanwhile, CPCs for existing customers dropped 50%.

Google Analytics Premium-based audiences drove the most revenue and traffic while maintaining the second lowest eCPA, compared to TransUnion's other programmatic display buying efforts. Results like these are unusual. Traditionally, high-budget campaigns drive more volume, which leads to increased revenue. But, as volume continues to expand, marginal revenue typically comes at an increasing cost. TransUnion was able to break this trend by using audience lists to focus and invest in only the most high-intent customers.

Testing turns clicks into more customers for TransUnion

After seeing Google Analytics Premium improve its marketing efficiencies dramatically, TransUnion decided to apply the same strategy to other areas of its business. One of the biggest advantages of using Google Analytics Premium segments was that the company could make as many lists as it wanted to test, then create similar audience lists for the highest performing ones to launch as new campaigns.

"Google Analytics Premium made a significant positive impact on our business," said Ken Chaplin, CMO of TransUnion "By integrating our DoubleClick Bid Manager and AdWords accounts with GA Premium, we were able to quickly generate audience lists and send them to our other platform products for intelligent bidding and buying. Through an effective use of this strategy, we made our marketing efforts more efficient, decreasing our costs per transaction in Search while at the same time realizing double-digit gains in our non-branded conversion rates."

With Google Analytics Premium audience lists and RLSA informing its programmatic buying and search bidding, TransUnion can more strategically target its users, leading to less waste and increased revenue across its businesses.

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