Brand Lift

January 2018

Google's Brand Lift solution measures the moments that matter—from initial impression to final conversion—with the metrics that matter, like brand awareness, ad recall, and consideration. You'll glean insights within a matter of a few days, so you can adjust your YouTube campaigns according to what's working in near real time.

What is Brand Lift?

YouTube engagement metrics (for instance, watch time, views, likes, shares, and comments) provide a basic barometer showing how an audience responds to videos. However, the effectiveness of an ad campaign is also evaluated by how it affects brand metrics.

Brand Lift is a measurement of the direct impact your YouTube ads are having on perceptions and behaviors throughout the consumer journey. Within a matter of days, Brand Lift gives you insights into how your ads are impacting the metrics that matter, including lifts in brand awareness, ad recall, consideration, favorability, purchase intent, and brand interest, as measured by organic search activity. You can easily optimize your campaigns mid-flight, based on these near real-time results, broken out by demographics, frequency, and more.

See how Brand Lift can provide a wealth of actionable insights for your brand

How do Brand Lift measurements work?

Brand Lift uses best-in-class methodology to gather feedback directly from consumers in real-world settings. We measure results in two different ways:

To measure the moments along the consumer journey, including brand awareness, ad recall, consideration, favorability, and purchase intent, we first isolate a randomized control group that was not shown your ad and an exposed group that did see your ad. About a day after seeing (or not seeing) your ad, we deliver a one-question survey to both groups. Since the only effective difference between the two groups is whether they saw your ad, we can accurately determine the lift attributed to your campaign.

See how Brand Lift measurement works, using best-in-class survey methodology

Brand Lift will also measure the impact your campaign has on creating interest in your brand by using organic searches on both and YouTube. Similar to surveys, we randomly pick a group that saw your ad and a control group that didn't see your ad. We then compare the organic search behavior of both groups, looking at how often they search for keywords related to your brand or campaign. The difference in searches can be attributed to your campaign.

See how Brand Lift measures the lift in interest in your brand, using organic searches

Measure the metrics that matter with Brand Lift

Go beyond traditional metrics like impressions and views to measure your campaign's impact on perceptions and behaviors throughout the consumer journey:

  • Do people recall watching my video ad?
  • Are my target consumers more aware of my brand after viewing my video ad?
  • Did my video ad move people to consider my brand or product?
  • Are consumers more favorably aligned with my brand's message/identity after viewing my ad?
  • Are consumers intending to purchase my product after seeing my ad?
  • Are people more interested in my brand/product? Did my ad increase organic search activity for my brand/product?

Actionable results
With Brand Lift, you can understand how your ad is changing perceptions in a matter of days, not weeks, so you can improve your campaign's effectiveness mid-flight. By providing results based on best-in-class methodology and with thousands of respondents in real-world settings, Brand Lift helps you measure every moment that matters throughout the consumer journey.