January 2018

YouTube is where the world goes to watch video. More than a billion users—nearly a third of all of the people on the internet—are watching more video on YouTube than ever: watch time grew 60% on YouTube between 2014 and 2015.

For brands, YouTube is an opportunity to reach people in the moments that matter, when they're looking for answers to their most pressing questions, checking in on their favorite YouTube creators, or exploring their interests and passions through video.

In moments like these, people are increasingly turning to mobile. On mobile alone, YouTube reaches more 18- to 49-year-olds than any cable network in the U.S., and the average viewing session on a mobile device is more than 40 minutes. In today's mobile-first world, YouTube brings video from primetime to all the time. But YouTube doesn't just entertain people, it enables them—to learn how to cook, to learn about chemistry, to meet whole communities of YouTubers just like them—all from their mobile devices.

And, increasingly, the videos that they're turning to were created by brands just like yours. In 2014, four of the top ten trending videos on YouTube came from brands. Why? Because YouTube offers brands an unparalleled opportunity to engage their most valuable audiences in the moments that matter. Because brands have greater creative freedom and control with their video advertising on YouTube. And because the reward for great ads on YouTube is a fan base that's moved to watch more, to keep coming back, to comment, to share, and to purchase.

Be part of what matters in content and culture. Find your brand's place in the YouTube community. Here are a few pages that'll get you started:

Get acquainted with YouTube, from trending videos to best-in-class brands:

Re:View: Want to know which videos are trending weekly on YouTube? This site and email newsletter make it easy.

Ads Leaderboard: The YouTube Ads Leaderboard showcases a fresh set of top ads each month, celebrating brand advertising people choose to watch.

YouTube Insights: Dive into our data to understand what works in YouTube advertising and get an exclusive look at how other brands are taking advantage.

Rewind: YouTube Ads Rewind shares the most-watched ads of the year plus recommendations and insights for other brand advertisers.

Understand how your brand can advertise on YouTube:

TrueView:TrueView is built on the promise that you'll only pay when someone chooses to watch your video ad.

Google Preferred: Google Preferred aggregates YouTube's top content, like Michelle Phan and Good Mythical Morning, into easy-to-buy packages for brand advertisers.

YouTube Masthead: Earn fast, mass reach with YouTube's most prominent real estate.

Measure what matters with YouTube's measurement solutions:

YouTube changed the way people consume video, introducing a different kind of video experience for both consumers and advertisers. Now, we've changed the way you can measure how your advertising is performing.

Brand Lift: Google's Brand Lift solution measures the moments that matter—from initial impression to final conversion—with the metrics that matter like brand awareness, ad recall, and consideration. You'll glean insights within a matter of a few days, so you can adjust your YouTube campaigns according to what's working in near real time.

Brand Lift