People evaluate choices in-the-moment.


People evaluate choices in-the-moment.

Real moment

Lyndsey needed a quick solution for her pesky problem.

After Lyndsey’s gym workout, she realised she had a pimple and wanted it gone. Fast. While in-store, she compared products on her phone and didn’t get the reassurance she needed that they would get the job done. She searched how to get rid of pimples quickly, which led her to a home remedy she decided to try instead.

Aggregate insight

Women turn to their phones to look for ‘how-to’ content on health and beauty.

87% of women 18-24 used their smartphone to search for “how-to” content on health and beauty in the past 3 months.

Marketing implication

Address needs with the right message and content.

After researching the available products in-store, Lyndsey wasn’t convinced that any of them were right for her needs. No brands won the battle in the moment. Highlight the features of your products that are most relevant to the user in their moment of need by directing them to the right product pages and delivering them helpful content that answers their questions.