People solve unexpected problems in-the-moment.


People solve unexpected problems in-the-moment.

Real moment

Neel needed to find a laptop cover immediately.

Caught in the rain at uni, Neel worried about the safety of his new laptop, which got wet in his bag. Acting in the moment, he turned to his smartphone to find the best laptop covers. Within a few minutes, he discovered a new brand he loved, and decided where he was going to buy it. An hour later, he went in-store and made the purchase.

Aggregate insight

Micro-moments shape the brand preferences of millennials.

More than 1 in 2 millenials have discovered and bought a new brand they had little knowledge of previously by searching on their smartphones.

Marketing implication

Help people discover your brand in-the-moment.

Neel hadn’t planned on buying a laptop cover that day, and had never heard of Thule. However, he gave a very strong signal of intent when he searched. What kind of signals are you getting from prospective customers? Make sure your brand is discoverable in the moment by delivering the right ad messages, useful product images and information to give them exactly what they need.