People evaluate purchase decisions in-the-moment.


People evaluate purchase decisions in-the-moment.

Real moment

Giana justified a higher-priced item while in-store.

Standing in the pharmacy aisle, Giana was puzzled by the price differences as she considered treatment options for a cold sore. When she turned to her smartphone to research the remedies, the information she found swayed her to buy the higher-priced item, which she wouldn’t have otherwise bought.

Aggregate insight

Search influences purchase decisions with in-store moments.

2/3 of smartphone shoppers say information discovered through search whilst in-store helped them to choose a different product than they intended to buy.

Marketing implication

Provide confidence when shoppers are ready to seal the deal.

The moment of truth at the shelf now has a digital extension as people turn to their phones to learn more about the products they see. Brands can win these moments with timely and relevant information like product details and reviews.