People pursue big goals in small moments.


People pursue big goals in small moments.

Real moment

Erica planned for a new home during spare moments.

Erica and her husband were considering buying a larger home to to fit a growing family. While sitting at an airport waiting for a flight, she flipped into research mode, searching on her smartphone for “mortgage calculator." Over several weeks, Erica continued to rely on her phone to research all kinds of home-buying and finance-related topics, nudging the process along in convenient spurts.

Aggregate insight

Out and About: People are searching on-the-go before purchasing.

Big tasks (like buying a home) are broken down in small moments while on-the-go. 1 in 5 Australians use their smartphone when opening a new bank account, mortgage or loan.

Marketing implication

Deliver relevance, moment after moment.

Mobile moments are critical within long consideration journeys like Erica's. People chip away at bits of research in free moments, so marketers must consider new questions like: How can I be helpful at each of these moments and build consideration across them? Am I shaping preferences starting from the beginning? Do I offer the right experience for the screen and the context?