People save time in micro-moments.


People save time in micro-moments.

Real moment

Arron was reassured about his car insurance provider.

After receiving a renewal notice for his car insurance, Arron researched car insurance providers to help him decide if he should stay with his current provider or switch to another. During a moment of downtime, he used his phone to compare features and prices for several companies. The information he got with a quick search gave him the peace of mind he needed to stay with his current provider.

Aggregate insight

Researching prices is the top activity of smartphone users while searching online and looking to buy.

Australians are using their phones to save time and money. 70% of people who used their phone while buying or renewing their insurance, used it to research prices.

Marketing implication

Drive brand loyalty in-the-moment.

Understand the way current and potential customers are acting in moments of intent. Identify all the micro-moments that exist in your brand’s customer journey. Be sure to deliver a message and experience that satisfies the exact customer need in that moment. Understand what you want to highlight in different moments - be it quality, pricing, or another feature.