People solve unexpected problems in-the-moment.

Real moment

Ben dealt with a minor crisis across devices.

Ben woke up with a swollen eye on the day he needed to start a new job. On the way back from the eye doctor, he realized he needed to order new contacts, so he turned to his smartphone to start the process. Because he didn’t have his prescription information with him, he completed the order on his laptop when he got home.

Aggregate insight

90% of users start an activity on one device and finish on another.

US retail advertisers see 11% more conversions for Display and 16% more conversions for Search ads when accounting for conversions that originated on mobile devices and ended on another device.

Marketing implication

Optimize for all moments, across devices.

Consumers want what they want, when they want it. That means it's more important than ever to deliver a good first impression on mobile. But sometimes purchases happen over multiple devices, and consumers expect a seamless experience across them. Anticipate movement across screens en route to the sale, and implement measurement techniques to account for cross-device conversions.