People try new things in routine moments.

Real moment

Mabel found a look she loved while getting ready.

One morning while getting ready, Mabel was bored with her hairstyle and decided to try the trendy “wet hair look”. She picked up her smartphone while in the bathroom and searched for "how to achieve the wet look hairstyle.” She visited a couple of different websites and used the tips and images to apply the look. She left the house that morning feeling confident with a new style.

Aggregate insight

Current fashion trends can be seen in user searches.

Users then turn to YouTube for how-to content. In the last 12 months, tutorials on hair styles have been watched more than 100M times.

Marketing implication

Provide useful content to build brand preference.

Mobile allows people to find new ideas at the moment of inspiration, like during Mabel’s daily beauty routine. Build relationships in these early moments by delivering content that helpfully addresses the need in the moment. This can build brand preference and pay off later when purchase decisions are being made.