People pursue big goals in small moments.

Real moment

Marlhon kicked off a career change while on-the-go.

A bad day at work set off Marlhon's interest in bigger career ambitions and the graduate study needed to get there. Continuing education is a big decision requiring a lot of research and planning, but mobile helped Marlhon to "keep the dream alive,” even while out and about. He conducted searches and was able to chip away at the process whenever and wherever he wanted. This kept him moving forward and kept his eye on the prize.

Aggregate insight

One moment leads to another.

Search activity shows related interests like grad school and internships.

Marketing implication

Keep the dream alive, moment to moment.

Mobile has changed the way consumers tackle high-consideration purchases like selecting a graduate school. Marlhon started his journey on his smartphone and made progress toward his goal in short, spontaneous spurts of interaction. To win, marketers must build a relationship with their audience early in their buying process and nurture leads with snackable content at every stage of their journey.