The summer of 2016 is set to be a mobile one. Not only are mobile queries set to spike, but increasingly conversions will happen across screens. Presence on mobile will be crucial, but advertisers will also need to optimise performance based on cross-device conversions, in order to win in mobile during this year’s hot season.

As the weather changes, so does our digital behaviour. Whether people are going abroad, getting relaxed in their summer houses or just spending more time outside in the warmth of the summer - we also increasingly rely more on our smartphones than during the rest of the year.

Last year, the share of searches coming from smartphones overtook those on desktop, and during the summer months of 2015 we saw a surge of mobile activity in Sweden.

The steep increase in share of mobile queries during summer months in Sweden 2015

The steep increase in share of mobile search queries during summer months in Sweden 2015: each colour represents queries within a different type of industry

As an example;, one of Sweden’s largest online stores with toys and baby products have seen the shift to mobile perhaps earlier than other advertisers, largely due to their target audience being women aged 25-44.

“We can see that people convert to a larger extent on mobile phones and when they do, the average order value is higher than before. These are signs that the consumer is now ready to make serious buying decisions on their mobile phones, from the sun lounger” says Niklas Jarl, CEO and co-founder of

As such, Lekmer decided to build a mobile first approach by launching their new site in February focusing primarily on mobile devices. As of summer 2015, Lekmer’s share of mobile traffic from paid search reached 60% at certain weeks. This year is set to follow in the same trajectory. Lekmer predicts traffic coming from smartphones could reach over 70% at its peak in 2016.

How to win in mobile this summer

It will be crucial for advertisers to be present on mobile phones. If your share of search traffic (paid and organic) coming from mobile is below 50%, you need to increase your mobile presence to make sure you’re not losing business during the summer.

We’re also seeing that, although we are increasingly more active on our smartphones during the summer months, we don’t change the preferred way of purchasing things. Since 2014, Google has provided advertisers with insights on how their consumers move between devices when making a purchase, i.e. they may click an ad on one device but convert on another. Our research has shown that this behaviour increases during summer and there are more cross-device conversions between June until August.

To win in mobile this summer, advertisers must take this behaviour into account and measure conversions that also happen on a different device to make sure they don’t miss out on mobile.

For information how to opt-in on cross-device conversions, click here.