Videos, vloggers and all things viral: YouTube has brought us a lot of entertainment over the past ten years. In order to celebrate a decade of the finest in creative content, Sweden and Denmark played host to YouTube anniversary events.

YouTube 10: Sweden

The Swedish event kicked off in Stockholm on May 28th at the Nordiska Museet, the country's largest museum of cultural history. Hosted by Youtube vlogger and TV presenter Clara Henry, the event featured key talks from YouTube Director Stephen Nuttall, songwriter Andreas Carlsson and Anders Berglund, Google Sweden's Country Director.

There were performances from musicians including Otto Knows and vloggers SkillTwins were awarded a plaque for reaching 1million subscribers. As if that wasn't enough, there was even a wrecking ball on display - very much like the one featured in Miley Cyrus' song and YouTube music video hit of the same name.

Swedish Gallery

Clara Henry, Moderator

Stephen Nuttall, Director YouTube

Nordiska Museet, Stockholm

Wrecking Ball, Interactive Demo Station

YouTube 10: Denmark

The Danish event got underway at the Radiatorfabrikken in Copenhagen. Peter Friis, Country Director of Google Denmark, Nordics and Northern Europe, addressed the gathered audience about key YouTube achievements, and there were engaging talks from Lars Hemming Jørgensen, CEO of VICE Media Group Denmark, Bernt Therp, MD of communications agency OMD Denmark, and Alex Morrison, VP MD of R/GA Content Studio in Denmark.

Star vloggers took to the stage to share their experiences, including Cecilia from Nordic Beauty Secrets and Klaus Wunderhits, the comedian and musician who runs YouTube channel Chili Klaus. Performances came from musicians Bottle Boys and daredevils Rackartygarna who put on a breathtaking display.

Denmark Gallery

Peter Friis, Director Northern Europe, Google

Bottle Boys, Creators

Radiatorfabrikken, Copenhagen

Rackartygarna, Creators