Having started life as a mail order company, Ellos has evolved into an online leader in fashion, beauty and home décor in the Nordics. The company was keen to better understand the cross-device customer journey, to drive efficiency across multiple accounts and markets, and to scale marketing initiatives to accommodate a large, complex and varied range of products.

“We want to be visible where the customer is, not just where we want them to be,” explains Ellos Online Search Manager Crister Nylund.

With all that in mind, Ellos implemented DoubleClick Search, to better manage scalability and bidding automation across all search activities. As part of the implementation, the team set up bid strategies with cross-device optimisation to drive performance focused on cost per order.

Taking advantage of workflow features meanwhile made it possible to save time on manual tasks. Further efficiency gains were made by launching adaptive shopping ads, which automatically tailor Search Ads according to changes in product inventory and Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) performance, ultimately saving Ellos time.

Ellos fashion campaign image

“We changed our whole work methodology and process,” Crister says. “Before we were working with evaluating and pausing separate keywords. Now we are looking at the whole account, connecting the data to drive new customer acquisition. While previously we were working with daily bid and CPC alterations, now we focus on bid strategies. This approach, together with better reporting, allows us to have four times more campaigns, save time and drive results. DoubleClick Search has freed up more time for strategic work.”

Ellos homeware campaign image

In fact, Ellos has expanded from 500 to more than 2,000 search campaigns within 12 months and the company’s SEM performance has made impressive gains: cross-device optimisation has produced a 5% revenue uplift in Sweden, where the brand has grown sales by 38% and reduced cost per order by 11%, while the new approaches have produced a 30% uplift in new customers in Norway and Denmark.

“DoubleClick by Google has always been a great support for us,” Crister says. “We always get help quickly when we have questions. And when it’s been needed, they have taken further questions to the development team. Google has also given me good analysis of search patterns for other markets, and has helped me to increase understanding of our customers' modern online behaviour to other staff here at Ellos.”