A fashion brand with over 100 years of retail experience, Kaufmann uses AdWords as the key sales channel for reaching new customers and increasing the quality of traffic to its e-commerce website. With the goal of growing digital sales, Kaufmann partnered with digital agency Web2Media to launch Product Listing Ads.

Web2Media imported Kaufmann’s product data into its own WakeupData system, which allowed Kaufmann to map the whole product range into the right segments and optimise the entire catalogue to Google Merchant Centre requirements. “It’s really important to upload feeds that match your product categories with Google Merchant Centre categories,” explains E-commerce Manager Ulrik Egede Larsen. “This ensures that users always find the right product when they do a search.”

Still from Kaufmann campaign

The benefits of Product Listing Ads

Product Listing Ads quickly started delivering significant benefits. Compared to the brand’s traditional search campaigns, conversions are 71% higher and click-through rates have skyrocketed by 267%. Meanwhile, Kaufmann’s online revenue has increased by 44%.

Because high-quality, well-organised information enables Google to display the most relevant ads to consumers using search, Ulrik’s advice for online retailers hoping to replicate Kaufmann’s success is to make sure that their product feeds are perfectly aligned with Google Merchant Center’s required attributes. “This will definitely help display the right product for the right consumer, which results in higher conversions.”

Still from WakeupData system campaign

Leveraging traffic online and in-store

As for the future? Kaufmann’s mobile traffic continues to show an upward trajectory, with customers doing a lot browsing online instead of through traditional print catalogues. Because online browsing helps send customers to physical stores, Ulrik sees huge potential in this arena. “We’re trying to leverage the link between online and physical stores. The plan is to recapture the consumers in stores who have visited the website with their Kaufmann client ID. We think that as we link the online and physical stores, we can provide the best service for our customers.”