Karvan Cévitam has been producing cordials since 1948. Having recently entered the liquid water enhancer market with the launch of Karvan Cévitam GO, the company launched a campaign around the message “Take your flavour with you” aimed at a target audience of women ages 18 to 35. Using the Marketing Mix Evaluator enabled Karvan Cévitam to see how YouTube enhanced their TV advertising.

Traditionally, purchases of the Karvan Cévitam range have been driven in supermarkets with TV making up the greatest share of advertising spend. However, with online grocery shopping on the increase, Karvan Cévitam has expanded its digital marketing strategy. In order to prove that online advertising could deliver sales, the Marketing Mix Evaluator was employed to measure how much incremental revenue the Karvan Cévitam GO campaign produced, the return on investment, relative effects of online versus offline and how different media delivered against campaign goals. Karvan Cévitam partnered with market research experts GfK, who studied the effect of TV and YouTube video advertising using the GfK Crossmedia Link platform.

My big mission was to prove to the company that digital could move the needle in top-line growth. TV will never disappear, but in the long term things will move to digital. If you make amazing content you have to ensure the right people see it.

Joris Veger, Head of Digital and E-commerce BeNeLux, Kraft Heinz

Significant incremental reach via YouTube

When adding the YouTube audience to the TV audience, a total reach of 88% was achieved. GfK’s analysis highlighted that of the total YouTube audience who saw the campaign, 17% had not seen the TV ads. This trend was particularly marked among those who qualify as light TV viewers, where 37% were unique to YouTube.

Marketing Mix Evaluation YouTube TV Karvan Cévitam

Figure 1: Overlap between YouTube and TV for the target audience of ages 18 to 35

In this project a higher sales uplift was reported for YouTube video ads than for TV advertisement. Sales uplift, the actual lift in buying chance, was 2.1 times higher for YouTube. It is likely that part of the sales uplift of YouTube is generated by a younger light TV watching population.

Marcel Buskermolen, Consultant Digital, GfK Netherlands

Higher probability of purchase through YouTube

GfK assigned the sales effect through regression analyses based on single source measurement of purchases and media consumption. This showed that the campaign on YouTube yielded a higher probability of purchase than TV – 25% compared to TV’s uplift of 12%. Meanwhile, the short-term sales impact of the YouTube campaign was 2.1 times higher than TV.

Marketing Mix Evaluation YouTube TV Karvan Cévitam

Figure 2: Increase of purchases for households with contact versus households without contact (1.00=no uplift)


With the campaign aiming to reach women ages 18 to 35, YouTube successfully delivered a younger audience than TV; 31.3% of the YouTube audience who saw the campaign were ages 18 to 29, compared with 16.1% of the TV audience. As the purchasing power of this demographic grows, Karvan Cévitam will endeavour to maintain its brand presence by using the digital channels where these valuable consumers increasingly spend their time.

Marketing Mix Evaluation YouTube TV Karvan Cévitam