Slikhaarshop is an online shop and community which has based their success on their YouTube channel. Their target audience is 18- to 34-year-old men who are interested in men’s hairstyling content. With a thorough channel strategy and strongly engaging content, they have reached over 1.1million subscribers.

Yet the vision behind the channel reaches beyond than hair styling. Slikhaar’s CEO, Emil V. Albrechtsen explains: “We do it for people who want to become a better version of themselves; if people like hairstyles they will also find out what ingredients they need to achieve it.”

Revolutionizing hair culture, one video at a time

Slikhaar TV’s YouTube channel offers video tutorials on how to achieve the latest hairstyles. With styles inspired by fashion and celebrities, two new videos are uploaded each week. The channel is well programmed and structured around one single theme: male hair styling. Emil reveals: “We wanted to show what you could really achieve with the products we were selling.”

Filming for Slikhaar in action

By creating how-to videos, Slikhaar TV inspires its audience and sell hair styling products at the same time. The strategy was to ensure the videos were between three and five minutes in length. “It has to be easy to consume,” Emil clarifies. “We integrate small clips about the products into the videos, and that is how we create awareness."

The focus of the videos is 100% on hairstyling and the goal to create a community rather than a sales channel has paid off. SlikhaarShop’s viewers are eager to engage with the videos, with each video getting approximately 500 comments.

View-through rates of over 60%

Slikhaar’s advertising strategy, including in-stream TrueView ads, has ensured that their channel has accrued up to 200% additional subscribers. Part of this strategy also includes remarketing lists, which enables SlikhaarShop’s ability to re-capture its audience with the most relevant videos.

Slikhaar campaign image

Branding is key, as the logo is shown within the first second (a key way to ensure brand recall). Additionally, the company leverages the ‘call to action’ feature, i.e. encouraging more people to subscribe and purchase products. The results were great. One campaign achieved a 64% View Through Rate (VTR) with only a $0.003 cost per view (CPV). This is solid proof of maximising audience reach with minimum cost. Another campaign with 95% extra earned views, brought in 675 new subscribers. The total cost of those two campaigns was less than $6200.

Successful campaigns on a small business budget

By using the Slikhaar TV YouTube channel and campaigns, SlikhaarShop is 10 times bigger today than two years ago. is planning to expand their YouTube activities further. Emil reflects: “It was a very good investment to add budget to these marketing campaigns, so right now we are investing around 100,000 DKK per month.”

With results of 64% VTR, 95% earned views and price-per-subscriber of less than $1.50, TrueView video ads have proved an effective campaign strategy. As Emil explains: “If you want to reach a worldwide audience it is advisable to use the video advertising product”.