In running a TrueView campaign on YouTube, advertisers pay for the number of view-throughs that the creative generates. The view-through metric only counts people who choose not to skip, but advertisers should also consider the value of the brand exposure among people who do skip these ads. When Business Danmark remade a TV creative for YouTube, brand recall increased by 180% without increasing auction price.

In collaboration with Ipsos, Business Danmark conducted a test to develop best practices around driving brand recall. First the brand created a YouTube campaign in which 1,200 consumers (divided into two cells) were exposed to two different versions of an ad.

The first cell viewed a TV creative, while the second cell viewed a TV ad remade specifically for YouTube. The difference between the two versions was that the made-for-YouTube ad included the Business Danmark logo from the start and mentioned the brand name in the first five seconds.

In brand recall the YouTube remake outperformed the TV ad by 180%. Brand recall was improved from 7% (index 40) to 23% (index 123) among people who skipped the ad, thus implying an increase of more than 300% among this audience. There was no difference in view-through rate, and therefore no difference in auction price. This meant that the threefold brand lift generated by the remake among skippers imposed no additional cost on the campaign.