With high street locations in all major cities, VERO MODA is a chic, modern fashion label that aims to be where its customers are, creating a seamless journey between offline and online. VERO MODA coordinates six marketing campaigns each year to promote the brand and drive sales. These campaigns include pay-per-click advertising, social media, print, in-store material, the brand’s website, email, newsletters and SMS marketing.

Video plays a key role not only in stimulating brand awareness but also in showcasing specific styles with links to the online store. Content includes introductions to new seasonal collections, catwalk coverage, “trend takeaways” and how-to videos. “We wish to create an inspirational universe for our customers. Video content works really well as a way of giving our products life and character,” says Liselotte Kirkelund from VERO MODA Digital Marketing.

Bringing VERO MODA style to life

“We have a very big audience on social media,” she continues. “This is where our target groups are and it fits our content well. With this in mind, YouTube seemed to be the right channel for us. We know that our target age group is on YouTube and we want to tap into the many searches they are doing.”

VERO MODA began by uploading how-to videos to the brand’s YouTube channel, but soon realised that video advertising could bolster its marketing campaigns further. “Being able to make very exact target groups for our campaign was one of the main reasons for trying YouTube TrueView,” says Liselotte. “We can reach them on their terms, at the right time and place.”

VERO MODA’s Closet Clean Up campaign encompassed in-store materials, the brand’s website,social media and a TrueView advertising on YouTube.

VERO MODA’s Closet Clean Up campaign aimed to sell the latest range of styles by encouraging consumers to clean up their closets to make room for new clothes. The campaign also invited fans to enter a contest by following the brand on Instagram, with a prize of a session with a professional fashion stylist to help the winner clean up her closet.

The campaign encompassed in-store materials, the brand’s website, social media and a TrueView advertising on YouTube. The objectives of the TrueView activity were to gain followers on Instagram and to create awareness for the brand among a target audience of VERO MODA customers ages 19 to 30 in several European markets. VERO MODA used geographic, demographic, remarketing, affinity and interest-based targeting.

Video content works really well as a way of giving our products life and character, and YouTube provides us the opportunity of retargeting users interested in our brand and products.

Liselotte Kirkelund, Digital Marketing, VERO MODA

Reaching dedicated followers of fashion

VERO MODA began to see positive results right away. “YouTube provided the opportunity to retarget users interested in our brand and products,” Liselotte says. “For our Closet Clean Up campaign, the remarketing targeting actually increased the view-through rate by up to 100%. That meant we could serve our content to much more relevant users and thereby increase the click-through rate.” What’s more, audience insights from the activity can be applied to further marketing going forward. “Using remarketing and cookies from our YouTube campaigns has also given us a way to target relevant users in future campaigns.”

In Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden, the campaign achieved 195,682 views and an average view-through rate of 21%. The overwhelming success has further convinced VERO MODA of the power of online video among its customer base. “The TrueView campaign was part of our broader video content strategy to create a larger presence on YouTube with video content that keeps the users coming back to our channel. We aim to create video to fit different purposes – hero, hub and hygiene content – to always stay top of mind among our target audience. This way we can entertain and inspire, provide the most compelling answer to a question or search, and deliver content that is continuously relevant.”