As Sweden’s largest online stockbroker, Avanza aimed to attract new customers, drive down acquisition costs, reduce media waste and develop better insights into cross-channel attribution. To target both existing and new users with powerful marketing, it adopted DoubleClick Bid Manager and DoubleClick Campaign Manager, set up Floodlight tags and integrated its AdWords account into DoubleClick Search.

Serving more than 300,000 customers, Avanza is Sweden’s largest online stockbroker. The company completes more deals on the Stockholm stock exchange than any other broker and has the lowest trading fees in the market. Avanza’s target audience is made up of people who want to be active in the management of their portfolios of stocks and funds.

Attracting new customers remains an important business goal, so Avanza’s digital marketing objectives were to drive down acquisition costs, reduce media waste and develop better insights into cross-channel attribution. It also wanted to be able to target both existing customers and new users with appropriate marketing messages. In order to serve these goals, Avanza’s agency KliKKi AB embarked on a project to centralize the company’s media buying and reporting.

New customers thanks to smarter bidding

KliKKi advised Avanza to adopt a full suite of tools including DoubleClick Search, DoubleClick Bid Manager and DoubleClick Campaign Manager. The implementation required KliKKi to onboard Avanza’s AdWords account into DoubleClick Search and to set up Floodlight tags. In this way Avanza could use the same pixel for all of its search engine marketing, YouTube advertising and display ads bought in real-time. It also enabled visibility into performance of new versus existing customers.

Within DoubleClick Search, KliKKi set different bid strategies and cost per acquisition goals for new and returning customers. “The bid strategy feature has enabled us to optimize the visibility towards Avanza’s main target audience – new customers,” explains KliKKi Senior Consultant for Paid Media Fredrik Andersson. The single stack approach made it easier than ever for KliKKi to bid over many channels and to visualize cross-channel attribution, while real-time reporting enabled the agency to proactively optimize towards this.

Performance and efficiency through automation

The project’s results have been excellent. Impressions are up by 17%, clicks have increased by 25% and the click-through rate has seen a 7% improvement. Meanwhile, cost per acquisition has dropped by 19%.“The system has made it easier to manage the bidding, so bidding has become more effective,” Fredrik observes. “By using more data, it has managed to buy more relevant clicks. This is extremely clear in the conversion rate, which has increased by 32%.”

The automation of bid optimisations has produced significant savings in time, too, which the team now devotes to analysis and strategic improvements. Going forward, Avanza aims to produce further efficiencies by adopting the full DoubleClick stack. “We have already started with DoubleClick Bid Manager, and we’ll launch YouTube TrueView shortly. We see buying all media from a single platform with the same tracking as a big advantage.”