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Jun 2016

2016's Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity got underway in true style with YouTube hosting an exciting week of activities and talks in the Palais and the YouTube Beach We've curated a selection of the best talks and debates from the festival, including how Virtual Reality can help storytellers around the world connect with their audiences and discuss how creativity and bold experimentation fuels a revolution in content and culture.

YouTube & Virtual Reality

What does Virtual Reality (VR) mean for ads? How is YouTube fueling the content revolution? And exactly how has the increase of YouTube influencers changed content production? Find a series of Lightning Talk panels and discussions from top execs in the industry. Hear how the YouTube platform has become 'the place' for VR content and how the new media revolution is actually fueling a creative boom across our YouTube creators, raising the bar for everyone to create bold experimental online content.
Cannes Lions 2016: YouTube - fueling the content revolution In a bulletin from the Cannes Lions festival, Danielle Tiedt, Vice President Marketing at YouTube, and Kelly Merryman, VP Content Partnerships at Google, lay to rest anxieties about Peak TV and explain how YouTube is fueling a content revolution.
Article Jun 2016
Cannes Lions 2016: YouTube - leading the way in VR video Aaron Luber, explains why the platform is a leader in the world of Virtual Reality.
Article Jun 2016
Cannes Lions 2016: Football on YouTube - making content for the next generation of fans Laura Woods from Sky Sports, and Dean Stobbart of 442oons, paid a visit to the YouTube beach to discuss how they’ve built passionate audiences for their irreverent football content.
Article Jun 2016
Cannes Lions 2016: Journalism and Virtual Reality The Guardian’s Special Projects Editor, Francesca Panetta, paid a visit to the YouTube Beach in Cannes to discuss her virtual reality project 6x9, and the role VR has to play in the future of journalism.
Article Jun 2016

Digital & Agency Partnerships

Are we as using digital to build a better world? Can data drive creativity? How can advertisers win in an age of infinite choice? Watch and be inspired by Creatives, artists and industry folks who share the common ground of making the world a better place with technology and making better decisions with data without hindering their creativity. After all, as Creatives, we are more powerful than we think.
Cannes Lions 2016: Magic and the machine - can data drive creativity? A panel of planners, creatives and brand advertisers explore whether or not data has a role in creativity, and do their best to separate the magic from the machine.
Article Jun 2016
Cannes Lions 2016: From turnaround to startup - helping brands thrive in the digital economy Nigel Morris, CEO of Dentsu Aegis, Americas & EMEA, and Megan Stooke, CMO of Maven, General Motors, took to the stage at the YouTube Beach in Cannes to discuss what it takes to inject startup values into a big brand.
Article Jun 2016
Cannes Lions 2016: Future Lions, Future Talent A panel of industry experts discuss the importance of new talent in re-energising advertising creativity, in front of an audience that included the winners of this year’s Future Lions competition.
Article Jun 2016
Cannes Lions 2016: Delivering Innovation - making ideas stand out in the age of abundance At Cannes Lions, a panel of creatives, technologists and strategists got together to discuss the problem of how to ‘make the work stick,’ in a world of abundant content and endless demands on our attention.
Article Jun 2016

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