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Dec 2015

Throughout the “Digital Transformations With Google” series we will share learnings and the key achievements on topics including the measurement of cross-device consumer behaviour and attribution, the best ways of deploying performance display advertising, and how to become a profit-driven marketer. Key executives working on the project will provide their insights and the results that prove digital transformation provides business growth.

Digital Transformation E1 : Hertz, Forward 3D, Google | Ignition Time

In episode 1 of 3 Hertz explore the customer journey, the importance of mobile UX and take the first steps towards embracing an advanced attribution model and data strategy

Digital Transformation E2 : Hertz, Forward 3D, Google | Accelerating Performance

In episode 2 of 3 Hertz start to see the benefits of adopting a more advanced attribution model and better use of data through optimising search, display and YouTube campaigns and launching programmatic campaigns with DoubleClick.

Digital Transformation E3: Hertz, Forward 3D, Google | Profit-Driven Marketing

Episode 3 of 3 looks at the progress towards a Profit-Driven approach to marketing; how search and display combine to improve fleet utilisation and how data has helped transform marketing and its impact on the Hertz business.

Hertz and the path to greater profitability Learn how Hertz improved company profitability by using data on customer behaviour and developing the right measurement metrics.
Article Jan 2016
How Attribution Analysis can drive better budget allocation Hertz gains valuable insights by moving away from last click attribution.
Article Jan 2016

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