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Jan 2016

Called OMD&PHD@YouTube, the event brought together a host of Danish vlogging talent, including Rasmus Brohave and Cecilia Demant (from Nordic Beauty Secrets), as well as brands who were hoping to learn more about what these YouTube partnerships could offer, including Carlsberg and McDonald's.

Find out more about what the key learnings were from the event and where brand-creative partnerships are headed for 2016.

OMD & PHD@YouTube: The Event

The Event

Google Nordics' Head of Branding Solutions, Nora Ziegenhagen, reflects on YouTube highlights from 2015 and explains what she is looking forward to in 2016.

Why does YouTube appeal to big brands? Carlsberg's Morten Boye and Kim Bagdonas Jørgensen from McDonald's Denmark explain why YouTube offers potential for their brands.
Interview Jan 2016
YouTube as the key to planning brand growth OMD Denmark's Managing Director, Bo Damgaard, explains why and how YouTube can benefit brands, build cultural context and forge consumer relationships.
Article Jan 2016
Making great YouTube content: Rasmus Brohave and Cecilia Demant explain all With millions of views between them, YouTube vloggers Rasmus Brohave and Cecilia Demant (Nordic Beauty Secrets) reveal how they make engaging content.
Interview Jan 2016

Why is YouTube a useful tool for media agencies?

YouTube is a platform where we can engage consumer groups...We want to introduce our clients to the opportunities and to the 'new world' of YouTube. I think many of them were very surprised at just how big this is."

Claus Andersen, CEO, PHD

The Agencies

Claus Andersen, CEO of media agency PHD Copenhagen talks to Think with Google about his thoughts on YouTube and explains his highlights of the OMD&PHD @YouTube event in Copenhagen.

The importance of branding your ads properly How branding your ad content properly is crucial for engaging consumers and ensuring you don't pay for competitor advertising.
Article Sep 2015
Brands, Agencies, Creators and YouTube: What's Google's role? Søren Nielsen explains what Google's role is in ensuring agencies and brands get the most out of YouTube.
Interview Jan 2016
YouTube 10: Sweden & Denmark celebrate a decade of creative content YouTube celebrates 10 years in the Nordics with events in Denmark and Sweden.
Article Jul 2015

YouTube success stories

Going digital is a key to success for companies, and YouTube is one of the tools at the forefront of this development. From big-name brands to SMBs, embracing all things digital has had great results. Here we look at some examples of where YouTube has helped to enhance consumer engagement and increase customer reach.

Gina Tricot uses 360° video technology on YouTube to drive engagement

Swedish fashion chain, Gina Tricot, created an interactive experience for consumers with a 360° TrueView video ad campaign featuring stylish music duo Say Lou Lou. With this strategy, Gina Tricot managed to reach over 90% of their target group, while search interest in the brand rose between 52-135% across the Nordics.

Launching Product Listing Ads increases Kaufmann's online revenue by 44% Danish fashion brand Kaufmann sees significant returns by exploring new digital territory.
Case Study Dec 2015
fakta uses TrueView advertising on YouTube to overhaul brand perception Discover how Danish grocery chain fakta reinvigorated their brand perception with a series of fun hidden camera TrueView ad campaigns.
Case Study Jan 2016
How Valio achieved over 12,000 hours of brand exposure How Valio PROfeel achieved over 12,000 hours of brand exposure with a successful campaign on YouTube
Case Study Sep 2015

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